Make a real bow and arrow from scratch!  

Make an arrowhead:

Learn the very ancient skills of flint knapping!


Reconnect with your wild side, as you learn how to make useful tools out of stone- starting with river cobbles and moving up to razor-sharp obsidian.


You'll learn how to strike off stone blades from cobbles, use an antler baton to carefully shape the stone flake into an arrowhead blank, then with an antler tine, you will pressure flake the edge to strengthen and sharpen it.

Carve your own bow:

Build your own bow! Based on the traditional style of Southwest tribes- a short, flat bow about 4 feet long, with around a 35-50 lb. draw weight. They are fast, accurate, and fun to shoot!  You'll take a bow stave through the steps & make it come alive with a hand-twined bow string.


Build a real arrow:

Complete the set with a traditional arrow!  Learn how to find, and straighten an arrow shaft. Fletching it using hand-trimmed feathers & hide glue, and attaching the arrowhead you made from the flint knapping portion of class using pitch glue and deer sineau. 


Cost: 300

*All materials provided- just bring knife, water, & car camping supplies 


Public Courses For 2020:


Tucson- December 4, 5 & 6


(Private courses also available for groups of 2-10 people- see Sign Up page)

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