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Traditional Archery

Complete a handcrafted bow and traditional arrows! 



You'll start your arrow making course with learning how to make an arrowhead! You'll learn how to strike off stone blades from cobbles, use an antler baton to carefully shape the stone flake into an arrowhead blank, then with an antler tine, you will pressure flake the edge to strengthen and sharpen it.


Crafting the Arrow:

In the next portion, we'll start crafting your arrow. I'll show you how to find, and straighten an arrow shaft. Then, you'll learn how to add fletchings to them using hand-trimmed feathers & hide glue. You'll finish your arrow off by attaching the arrowhead you made from the flint knapping portion of class, and field points using pitch glue and deer sinew. 

Bow Making

Build your own beautiful, handmade bow for hunting or target practice fun!


Based on traditional styles of Southwest tribes, you'll learn how to start from a sapling and work through the steps of carving and tillering to complete a custom made bow using just a knife, and other simple hand tools. We'll then make it come alive with a hand-twined bow string to match.


These bows are fast, accurate, and super fun to shoot! 

COST- 425 (Four days)

*includes everything you need! Just bring comfortable car-camping gear, food, and water

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