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From surviving an outdoor emergency

To living completely in the wild with just a knife!

Welcome to Southwest Survival!


 For 27 years I have been sharing my passion for outdoor skills with thousands of people. 

My journey started with travels all over the West studying from many amazing herbalists, emergency survival, and wilderness living experts.


Survival is not just for the wilderness! I’ve also trained for many years with Arizona Tactical Adventures in weapons and tactical training.


Along the way, I’ve also trained in medical emergency care through Wilderness First Responder and EMT training.


Here are some of my teaching experiences

  • Survival Instructor for Northern Arizona University, Pima, and Coconino Community Colleges

  • Guest lecturer for public organizations and business including Museum of Northern Arizona, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Arizona Game & Fish BOW program, U.S. Forest Service, ROTC, and many others

  • Botany/Traditional Skills Instructor for Camp Colton

  • Created and instructed Youth Adventure Camp for Coconino Community College

  • Northern Arizona University self-defense instructor

  • Flagstaff Bujinkan Dojo martial arts instructor.

Whether you're new to the outdoors, or an experienced adventurer, I can certainly help you become more wild!

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