The Savvy Survivor

No matches for a fire? Thirsty, but have no water?



Provide for your most critical needs in the wilderness!

This very popular course was featured on KGUN9 news:


  • Shelter- - Temperatures in the Southwest can change rapidly! Learn how to stay warm or cool using improvised shelters from natural materials and modern items such as pocket-sized emergency blanket!

  • FireImpress your Neanderthal friends! Carve out a traditional fire by friction set and use it to start a fire! We’ll also cover modern fire making techniques using magnifying lens & flint and steel

  • Water- Thirsty? Locate desert water sources & make water using transpiration bags & solar stills! Purify questionable water by boiling it in a cactus pad & coal burned containers! You'll even learn how to make a water bottle from an agave stalk!

  • Wilderness First Aid- Be prepared before you head out into the wilderness for common hazards that can happen. Learn what to do for common injuries such as sprains, breaks, bites, stings, cuts, heat stroke, and other nasties that can happen.

  • Navigation- Get lost proof! Learn simple, but very accurate improvised navigation techniques using the sun, the stars, and moon. 


Cost: 80 (All materials provided- you just need to bring a knife, snacks, and water for the day)


Public Courses For 2020: 

 Tucson Area- March 7, March 22, April 4, September 26

 Phoenix Area- March 28, October 17

 Sedona Area- April 18

 Flagstaff Area- June 20

(Private courses also available for groups of 2-10 people- see Sign Up page)

"The one day wilderness survival school is awesome! I CAN MAKE FIRE! Plus Jon is very knowledgeable and easy to be around. Makes learning easy!" Ken


Living Wild! 



Learn how to live in the wilderness!

*Combine this with the Savvy Survivor for an incredible weekend!

  • Hunting- Hungry? Get some calories! Learn to make snares, deadfalls, and other traps that will hunt for you! You will also make a variety of traditional hunting items- slings, throwing sticks, rope darts, atlatls and other simple and time-proven ways for catching dinner!

  • Fishing- I'll show you how to make a net, improvised hooks, and other traditional fishing kit items


  • Tools- Make everything you need! Learn to knap out sharp stone blades from river cobbles, twine plant fibers into rope, and weave a basket!


Cost: 80 *All materials provided- you just need to bring a knife, snacks, and water for the day.


Public Courses For 2020: 

 Tucson Area- March 8, September 27, October 18  

  Phoenix Area- March 29

 Sedona Area- April 19

 Flagstaff Area- June 21

(Private courses also available for groups of 2-10 people- see Sign Up page)

"I often refer to the course some friends and I took some years ago with you. Such a fun and educational experience! I’d really like to do it again. Highly recommended!" Nate  

Apache Moccasins & Yucca Sandals!  

Move naturally through the wilderness!

"I only trust my legs. They're my only friends" - Geronimo


Apache Moccasins- I learned how to make traditional Apache moccasins while living on the White River Apache reservation. For over 10 years I used them on a daily basis- running, climbing, hiking, they certainly are my prefered footwear! They are light, breathable, and carefully engineered for our desert environment!


The thick leather upper portions are taller than typical moccasins to provide protection against desert thorny shrubs and cactus. Even the tough rawhide bottoms are thoughtfully added to withstand the rough desert terrain and it makes them easy to resole when they wear out.

Yucca Sandals- Artifacts of these have been found in ruin sites all over the Southwest. I have been fortunate to have learned the lost art of weaving these, and would love to show you how!

Cost: 100 *There will be an additional amount for the cost of the leather, unless you provide your own.


Public Courses For 2020:

 Tucson- November 7 & 8

(Private courses also available for groups of 2-5 people- see Sign Up page)

How close can you get?


With the right footwear, and stalking skills, it is amazing how quickly you will blend into nature!

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