Lost in the wilderness with only a knife?


 No problem!

 Being able to provide for all your needs with just a knife is certainly the ultimate level in wilderness living skills!


Use what you learn in this weekend overnight adventure- sleep warm and snug in a shelter you made yourself! Gather wild foods, and cook them over a fire you made from a hand-carved fire by friction set! 


This is an AWESOME adventure where you get to use your skills and have fun learning to travel light! 

You'll learn material from the Savvy Survivor, Living Wild!, Useful Plants courses, and much more!​


Don't worry! You're not going to starve, or freeze all night long! For your comfort and safety, you'll bring along a small daypack of items containing a knife, flint & steel, string, 2 water bottles, army poncho, lightweight sleeping bag, & some food- I can provide all these, or you can bring your own.

Cost: 200 


Public Courses For 2020:

 Tucson- February 29- March 1, October 3- October 4

 Sedona- May 16 - 17

 Flagstaff- June 27 - 28 

(Private courses also available for groups of 2-5 people- see Sign Up page)

"I just finished the 2-day “knife only" wilderness survival course. Thanks to Jon Helleson's patience and expertise, the experience was incredible. Every learning module (shelter, fire, water, foraging, hunting etc.) was jam packed with information and hand-on training." Derrick

Learn to survive in the desert, woodlands, and mountains of the Southwest with only a knife, and traditional skills!

You'll learn how to make traditional hunting items including snares and traps to bring in those calories!


Learn to live in the desert, woodlands, & mountains!

This exciting three day course is carefully crafted to teach you during three skills-packed days how to provide for all your needs in the diverse environments of the Southwest, this truly is the ultimate outdoor skills course!


What will you learn? Each day we will venture to a new location, studying and using the ancient, and modern survival skills used to live there!


You will learn material from these popular courses, and much more!

  • Savvy Survivor

  • Living Wild!

  • Knife Only

  • Useful Plants- Sonoran Desert, Woodlands, and Mountains


Come home with an incredible wealth of hands-on knowledge, lots of traditional survival gear you made from scratch, and a deeper connection to the wilderness of the southwest​!

Cost: 325 *All materials provided- you just bring a knife, food, water & car camping supplies

Public Courses For 2020:

Flagstaff, Sedona & Phoenix Areas  May 29 - May 31

 (Private courses also available for groups of 2-5 people- see Sign Up page)             

Surrounded by the masters!

The southwest is home to tribes that have lived here for thousands of years! There are reminders of their amazing cultures all around us as we learn their skills.

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